Team Member

Dr. Fiona Gupta - Director

Dr. Fiona Gupta is a board-certified neurologist and fellowship-trained movement disorders specialist who has been in clinical practice for 10 years. She is director of the Movement Disorders Outreach Program at Mount Sinai Health System and an Assistant Professor of Neurology. A main area of focus for Dr. Gupta is deep brain stimulation (“DBS”) and neuromodulation and she has treated thousands of patients with DBS. She is very involved with providing comprehensive, compassionate care to patients and caregivers, and is actively working with multiple support groups in the community to promote advocacy.


Prior to joining Mount Sinai Health System she was the medical director of the DBS Program at Hackensack University Medical Center, which she helped build from the ground up. Dr. Gupta has authored multiple publications, spoken at national and international congresses and works with numerous advocacy groups related to Parkinson’s Disease and deep brain stimulation. She has received numerous accolades throughout her career including being named the Most Compassionate Physician of her graduating class, Top Doctors and has regular appearances in the media. She has been featured on Fox and Friends, The Better Show, Sirius XM Doctor Radio and WPIX 11 NY, and has made appearances on CBS NY, ABC NY, The Hannity Show, CCTV, PBS, WFAN 660 Radio and Arise America. She has contributed extensively to print pieces in the NY Times, The Washington Post, Glamour Magazine, Women’s World Magazine, The Bergen Record, Health Magazine, Parade Magazine and Neurology Today.